P ~ Mr. Pupil

pupil def

Dear Mr. Pupil,

Maybe I was naïve to think you actually came to the classes I was teaching because you wanted to learn to dance. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when you told me the main reason you were there every lesson was so you could shamelessly check out my ass. Maybe I should have stayed professional and respected the teacher-pupil relationship. But I’m so glad I didn’t. Continue reading

O ~ Mr. Overly Talkative

Dear Mr. Overly Talkative,

I love words. I love to play with them. Love hearing them in conversations, songs and passionate speeches. Love how combining certain letters create a melody. How some voices are so captivating you just want to close your eyes and float along those vocalizations. And yes, I love me some dirty talk too. I love how you know how to arouse me more with words, than others do with touch. Words of love and lust, whispered in my ear, written black on white, silently mouthed, decorated with a smile, commanding or soothing. I love them all. But I’m afraid that with words too, there can be too much of a good thing. Continue reading

K ~ Mr. Kinesthetic Genius

Kinestetic genius

Dear Mr. Kinesthetic Genius,

Whenever I hear somebody say you can tell what somebody’s like in bed by watching them dance, I think of you. Yet the first time I saw you, you weren’t dancing. You were teaching boys how to do summersaults on the beach. You made it look effortless; take a few steps, jump, float for a bit as you circle around yourself and land on your feet again. Smiling. Without breaking a sweat.

The second time I saw you, you boldly introduced yourself by kissing me directly on the lips. Continue reading

F ~ Mr. Friend with Benefits


Dear Mr. Friend with Benefits,

You may not be the only lover to have kissed every inch of my body. But every time your lips touch my skin, your attention feels as if you’re seeing me naked for the first time. Your touch, however, betrays the fact that you know my body very well.

The first time, I was inexperienced and insecure. You on the other hand, had probably already lost count of the women you had slept with. Continue reading

B ~ Mr. Bondage

bondage 2

Dear Mr. Bondage,

Ah those times I sharply sucked in my breath. You, looking at me with a half-smile and focused on my face and intensified breathing while tying my ankles to the bed. It was the combination of tightening the rope and my audible breath that turned us both on. Me, having no idea what you were going to do to me, and after being blindfolded straining to get audible clues of where and how you would touch me. Being tied up and aroused took my mind off the fact that I didn’t actually find you that interesting, and that I was never going to fall in love with you.

The morning after our third date we lay in bed and talked about our turn-ons and what was still on our sexual bucket list. Continue reading