T ~ Mr. Threat


Dear Mr. Threat,

Communication is tough. Especially when there’s a tornado of emotions raging inside of you. I understand that at those emotional times words may come out differently than you intend them to. I understand that an emotional beast inside of you might spit out things you regret when the tornado has calmed down to no more than a breeze. But nothing, nothing, gives you the right to emotionally blackmail someone.

Your words on our first [and last] date confused me. Continue reading

A ~ Mr. Artist

Dear Mr. Artist,

I’m a poet. As a nineteen year old, you had said it with conviction. For we all know that writing is not something you do, it is something you breathe. Being an artist means feeling this artistry with all your senses. It decorates both your talents and your demons. Because like every true artist, you sure had yours. Continue reading