O ~ Mr. Overly Talkative

Dear Mr. Overly Talkative,

I love words. I love to play with them. Love hearing them in conversations, songs and passionate speeches. Love how combining certain letters create a melody. How some voices are so captivating you just want to close your eyes and float along those vocalizations. And yes, I love me some dirty talk too. I love how you know how to arouse me more with words, than others do with touch. Words of love and lust, whispered in my ear, written black on white, silently mouthed, decorated with a smile, commanding or soothing. I love them all. But I’m afraid that with words too, there can be too much of a good thing. Continue reading

N ~ Mr. Neat


Dear Mr. Neat,

Do you know those movie scenes where the camera zooms in on a trail of clothes on the floor, leading the viewer to people making passionate love somewhere? No, I mean: do you know those scenes. Experienced them. Felt this urge to get naked, feel skin, not caring about anything else but getting as close as possible to this other person you want to taste, grab and melt into? Continue reading

J ~ Mr. Joker

Mr. Joker

Dear Mr. Joker,

Though dating should supposedly be fun, it at times can be frustrating, disappointing, and energy consuming. At times I’ve had to search deeply for a little bit of hope, and motivate myself to get on a dating site again to go through endless profiles hoping for that special match. There are plenty of articles that tell you how to maximize your chances by designing your profile a certain way, or giving tips on the content of those first introductory messages. My personal annoyances? Continue reading

I ~ Mr. Intimacy Issue

intimacy issue

Dear Mr. Intimacy Issue,

I am not opposed to casual sex or (anonymous) one-night-stands. I do have one rule though: as long as the sexual encounter lasts, you are mine, and I’ll be yours. I expect you to be present. I expect a certain intimacy, whether tender or raw. This doesn’t mean I want to exclude power dynamics, or humiliation if desired and consensual. This doesn’t mean I want promises for a future. Don’t want to ever see me again afterwards? Fine. But even so, in the moment: be present, be intimate and be mine.

So let me explain to you what lack of intimacy looks like: Continue reading

H ~ Mr. Hero

Dear Mr. Hero,

Sometimes, in difficult times, the mere thought you exist, makes me less lonely. I guess it’s because of how we met. There aren’t many situations where I feel so alone as when sick. And this particular time it felt as if my body had betrayed me. All it could do was throw up and beg me to lie down on something that didn’t move. Add the fact that I was in a foreign country, with an important train to catch at the other side of the city and you can imagine how lost and lonely I felt. But then, as I sat on that platform waiting for the right train to come, there was you. Continue reading

F ~ Mr. Friend with Benefits


Dear Mr. Friend with Benefits,

You may not be the only lover to have kissed every inch of my body. But every time your lips touch my skin, your attention feels as if you’re seeing me naked for the first time. Your touch, however, betrays the fact that you know my body very well.

The first time, I was inexperienced and insecure. You on the other hand, had probably already lost count of the women you had slept with. Continue reading