T ~ Mr. Threat


Dear Mr. Threat,

Communication is tough. Especially when there’s a tornado of emotions raging inside of you. I understand that at those emotional times words may come out differently than you intend them to. I understand that an emotional beast inside of you might spit out things you regret when the tornado has calmed down to no more than a breeze. But nothing, nothing, gives you the right to emotionally blackmail someone.

Your words on our first [and last] date confused me. Continue reading

R ~ Mr. Rich


Dear Mr. Rich,

Sometimes I think about how different my life could have been, if I had been a gold-digger. We’d be living in your gorgeous three-story house, and you’d probably have convinced me I wouldn’t need to work but just allowed me to indulge in my at times quirky passions. All I basically had to do, was be your trophy girlfriend. I can still barely comprehend how wealthy you already are at such a young age. But though you might have the money, I guess I’m more attracted to treasures than wealth. So what kind of treasure hunting am I into? Continue reading

H ~ Mr. Hero

Dear Mr. Hero,

Sometimes, in difficult times, the mere thought you exist, makes me less lonely. I guess it’s because of how we met. There aren’t many situations where I feel so alone as when sick. And this particular time it felt as if my body had betrayed me. All it could do was throw up and beg me to lie down on something that didn’t move. Add the fact that I was in a foreign country, with an important train to catch at the other side of the city and you can imagine how lost and lonely I felt. But then, as I sat on that platform waiting for the right train to come, there was you. Continue reading