M ~ Mr. Ménage à Trois

Dear Mr. Ménage à Trois,

You transformed a potentially awkward situation into a highly erotic one. I remember how familiar it felt to hang out with you and your friend. It must have been pretty clear to him that we were about to hook up; your hand just a little too high on my thigh, my legs thrown across your lap, your lips often in my neck. It was obvious. Yet it wasn’t obvious to me that he was planning on joining us. Continue reading

K ~ Mr. Kinesthetic Genius

Kinestetic genius

Dear Mr. Kinesthetic Genius,

Whenever I hear somebody say you can tell what somebody’s like in bed by watching them dance, I think of you. Yet the first time I saw you, you weren’t dancing. You were teaching boys how to do summersaults on the beach. You made it look effortless; take a few steps, jump, float for a bit as you circle around yourself and land on your feet again. Smiling. Without breaking a sweat.

The second time I saw you, you boldly introduced yourself by kissing me directly on the lips. Continue reading

D ~ Mr. Drug Dealer


Dear Mr. Drug Dealer,

You know that especially after having once loved a coke addict, I’ve always stayed clear of drugs. I thoroughly enjoy a cocktail, whiskey or glass of wine. And absinth is about as experimental as I have gotten when it comes to indulging in mind altering substances. You on the other hand, are my opposite when it comes to this, and have possibly not only used most things imaginable, but also dealt them. Continue reading