R ~ Mr. Rich


Dear Mr. Rich,

Sometimes I think about how different my life could have been, if I had been a gold-digger. We’d be living in your gorgeous three-story house, and you’d probably have convinced me I wouldn’t need to work but just allowed me to indulge in my at times quirky passions. All I basically had to do, was be your trophy girlfriend. I can still barely comprehend how wealthy you already are at such a young age. But though you might have the money, I guess I’m more attracted to treasures than wealth. So what kind of treasure hunting am I into?

Inspiring conversations, unexpected smiles, shared vulnerability, slow dances in the kitchen, learning from each other, being amazed by knowledge others have, creative beauty… Things that make my eyes sparkle, my smile bright, my mind shimmer and my heart glow.

That said, you’ll never hear me say that “money can’t buy happiness”, because I feel there’s no black and white truth in that saying. Again: so many grey areas. ‘Cause I know that having enough money to not be troubled about your financial situation can actually create space for more positive and creative thought previously occupied by worries. But you don’t just have “enough money”. You are basically set for life. But what is life without treasures.

Yes, you have a beautiful roof terrace, and that designer lamp indeed gives off amazing light. Your old-timers are fun to drive in, and the wine you pour me tantalizes my taste buds. But even though you present me with these jewels, your eyes still seem dull. And I know I’m not the one who can make them sparkle. We’ve tried, but we don’t enhance each other’s wealth. We’re looking for different riches and by collaborating, we’re merely sabotaging each other’s treasure hunt.

I know that it wasn’t all for nothing. Somehow I still have the feeling that by spending time together, we’ve giving each other a few clues to follow. We’ll each go in our own direction with a map, drawn by experience, in our hands. And I’m sure we’ll know when we’ve reached that spot marked by an ‘X’. When you’re there: start digging. Not for gold, but for something beating in a treasure chest.

With thanks for your generosity,

Ms. Alphabet

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