T ~ Mr. Threat


Dear Mr. Threat,

Communication is tough. Especially when there’s a tornado of emotions raging inside of you. I understand that at those emotional times words may come out differently than you intend them to. I understand that an emotional beast inside of you might spit out things you regret when the tornado has calmed down to no more than a breeze. But nothing, nothing, gives you the right to emotionally blackmail someone.

Your words on our first [and last] date confused me. Continue reading

R ~ Mr. Rich


Dear Mr. Rich,

Sometimes I think about how different my life could have been, if I had been a gold-digger. We’d be living in your gorgeous three-story house, and you’d probably have convinced me I wouldn’t need to work but just allowed me to indulge in my at times quirky passions. All I basically had to do, was be your trophy girlfriend. I can still barely comprehend how wealthy you already are at such a young age. But though you might have the money, I guess I’m more attracted to treasures than wealth. So what kind of treasure hunting am I into? Continue reading