Q ~ Mr. Quiet

mr quiet
Dear Mr. Quiet,

I know, I know: I’m demanding. And my demands are confusing. First I tell someone off for talking too much, and now I’m saying you’re too quiet. Conflicting information like that is enough to mute anybody completely. But maybe I can tempt you to use your voice by telling you what it actually is I’d like to hear?

A response. Nothing more than that. I so enjoy our verbal interactions. But it’s as if you lose all capacity to make sound when we get sexual. Now, I know that asking for dirty talk might be a step too far, too soon. But how about letting me hear you breathe. Let me hear how your inhalations quicken. Let me feel the heat of your breath on my skin. Then maybe, just maybe, when you get a little carried away a moan might escape your lips. Don’t think I’m trying to silence you when I kiss you immediately after. It’s just that sounds of your pleasure will turn me on, so I won’t be able to help myself.

Do I have your consent to push you just a little further? Yes? Moans can quite easily be shaped into words. It won’t take that much effort, and I’m not asking for much. You may even stay monosyllabic. ‘Oh’ might me a good word to start with. Not that easily to distinguish from a moan, so a nice introduction. Either whispered, breathy or loud; your expression, your choice. And then? How about: Yes… [moan] More… Softer… [breathe] Harder… Oh… [moan] Oh fuck… Don’t stop… Right there… Look at me… I want to feel—

Sorry, sorry I’m pushing you; I said you could stay monosyllabic. But I think you get the idea. I’d like to not only feel my effect on you; I’d like to hear it too. It helps me to figure out how I can pleasure you.

Wait, you want to negotiate? But of course. Here’s my offer: If you try to make yourself heard, I promise I won’t dig my nails into your back anymore. At least not so hard that you’ll yell out in pain. And if I accidentally slip up, I promise not to look smug because you finally made a sound…

With strained ears and an expectant smile,

Ms. Alphabet

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