O ~ Mr. Overly Talkative

Dear Mr. Overly Talkative,

I love words. I love to play with them. Love hearing them in conversations, songs and passionate speeches. Love how combining certain letters create a melody. How some voices are so captivating you just want to close your eyes and float along those vocalizations. And yes, I love me some dirty talk too. I love how you know how to arouse me more with words, than others do with touch. Words of love and lust, whispered in my ear, written black on white, silently mouthed, decorated with a smile, commanding or soothing. I love them all. But I’m afraid that with words too, there can be too much of a good thing.

Because sometimes I need time to let those words sink in. Give them time to find their way to my ears, travel through my body and find a place to settle. Sometimes I need some silence to just be, and feel your presence. Sometimes I’m very happy to see you, and very happy to crawl onto your lap and just listen to your heartbeat. Sometimes when we’re having sex, I am too full of you and bodily sensations to communicate through words. Sometimes I’m so spaced out by lust my mouth can’t produce more than moans and I can’t even hear what you’re saying to me. Sometimes I just want to let our bodies speak, because they often say more than our words do.

So yes, I want to hear all about your work, your travels, that article you read, and that funny thing you saw online. I want to hear about how your neighbor annoys you, how your bathroom sink is clogged up, how someone cut you off in traffic, and that you had the best sandwich ever for lunch. By all means talk to me, share your stories, show yourself through words. But sometimes, just sometimes, I need you to shut the fuck up.


Ms. Alphabet

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