D ~ Mr. Drug Dealer


Dear Mr. Drug Dealer,

You know that especially after having once loved a coke addict, I’ve always stayed clear of drugs. I thoroughly enjoy a cocktail, whiskey or glass of wine. And absinth is about as experimental as I have gotten when it comes to indulging in mind altering substances. You on the other hand, are my opposite when it comes to this, and have possibly not only used most things imaginable, but also dealt them. Continue reading

B ~ Mr. Bondage

bondage 2

Dear Mr. Bondage,

Ah those times I sharply sucked in my breath. You, looking at me with a half-smile and focused on my face and intensified breathing while tying my ankles to the bed. It was the combination of tightening the rope and my audible breath that turned us both on. Me, having no idea what you were going to do to me, and after being blindfolded straining to get audible clues of where and how you would touch me. Being tied up and aroused took my mind off the fact that I didn’t actually find you that interesting, and that I was never going to fall in love with you.

The morning after our third date we lay in bed and talked about our turn-ons and what was still on our sexual bucket list. Continue reading

A ~ Mr. Artist

Dear Mr. Artist,

I’m a poet. As a nineteen year old, you had said it with conviction. For we all know that writing is not something you do, it is something you breathe. Being an artist means feeling this artistry with all your senses. It decorates both your talents and your demons. Because like every true artist, you sure had yours. Continue reading